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By Ron McMullen

A tribute to an era that made a significant contribution to Australia’s History and the people who participated in it.

COLLECTOR: Ron McMullen.
I have been collecting Telegraph keys,  instruments and associated items for many years,  specialising in Australian keys,  but include telegraph keys from many countries in my collection. Since this is the only available collection of Australian telegraph keys and telegraph history, it will be particularly useful for serious telegraph historians and collectors.

Although  all the pictures and text  are copyrighted,  you may use any of  them for your own  personal applications including public lectures and demonstrations. If you wish to use them in publications or websites or offer them for sale to the public in any form, you must contact Ron McMullen at the address given below on this page.

(These items require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Most files are very large so please allow some time for them to load.

To view a file click on the name of the desired file.
After viewing each file, close and you will return to the contents page.

Ron McMullen collection and description Part 1

Ron McMullen collection and description Part 2

Ron McMullen collection and description Part 3

Ron McMullen collection and description Part 4

Ron McMullen collection and description Part 5

Ron McMullen collection and description Part 6

Telegraphy in Australia

Australian telegraph keys and instruments

Australian Gems – Pendograph and Automorse


Bits and Pieces

More Bits and Pieces

Even More Bits and Pieces

Machine telegraph systems used in Australia

Meet the Mecograph semi automatic key

Leo G Cohen Inventor of the Simplex Auto

The Simplex Auto

Memories of a Morseman

Buzza and Levenson Products

Coming Round the Bend and other Verse

Telegram forms used in Australia

Dial Up Telegraphs

Telegraph Traffic Procedure – 1955

The Overland Telegraph

Ninety Years of Telegraph Progress

A Selection of Australian Post Offices

Contact information:

Ron McMullen


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